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                                                                              Located in the Industrial Estate in Uki St Yamba NSW owned and operated by Bob Tonkin,  HAG Engineering & Automotive has all the facilities to service and repair your vehicles.
HAG undertakes all logbook & general servicing requirements and repairs for your vehicle and specialises in fitting turbos & intercoolers, performance equipment, specialist accessories, standard & sports mufflers, air-conditioning service & repairs, Yokohama Tyres, and Ironman 4X4 accessories in a fully equipped workshop.
NSW Blue slip & pink slip inspections
                                                             HAG also has a Dyno Dynamics 2WD dynamometer installed in the workshop. But it's not just used for the race car and high performance vehicles it can be used on standard vehicles & 4wds. By hooking your car onto the dyno, we can perform tests while the car is under load. Without a dyno, it can be extremely difficult to diagnose certain problems. Basically, your car will be tested under road simulation conditions by adjusting the dyno load to simulate driving up a steep hill or towing heavy loads or just everyday driving.
                                                              HAG uses the latest in diagnostic and tuning equipment, the Snap On Solus Pro Scanner. To keep the engine management system in peak operating condition. Should a fault arise it can be used to quickly & accurately to diagnose faults. The scan tool uses Vehicle Communication Software and Fast Track® Troubleshooter software to provide vehicle-specific trouble codes for various vehicle control systems such as engine, transmission, antilock brake system (ABS) and more, selected functional tests, and troubleshooting information. The scan tool can also graph live data parameters on-screen.

        If you would like to enquire about any of our products & services don’t hesitate in contacting our friendly staff either by phone 02 66462374 or email  admin@hagautomotive.com.au